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Hacking on MSP MovieStarPlanet is worse than ever! No one is safe with all the stuff they paid LOTS of money for. REAL money! Money that's just wasted when hackers steal it all, and MSP Movie StarPlanet denies everything. People are leaving MSP fast these days, as PUMP PLANET has arrived. PUMP PLANET has no hacking at all, since everything is FREE! .. Yes, EVERYTHING. Even VIP, diamonds and coins. All is FREE for everyone.
PUMP PLANET is a new fresh fun place, where people can have fun, instead of paying huge over-prices at MSP MovieStarPlanet, for an old, boring, slow and ugly game. MSP is not even a game, it's just a badly animated chat room, with some ridiculously bad movies. Everything sucks at MSP MovieStarPlanet, and that's why people are leaving to PUMP PLANET instead.

There are countless of MSP MovieStarPlanet hacking tools out on the internet today. MSP MovieStarPlanet blames the group Anonymous, but that is of cause ridiculous, as Anonymous is a serious group. MSP MovieStarPlanet has made numerous claims that Anunymous is hacking MSP on regular bases, and blames the group for everything that's wrong on their site. They even blame Anonymous for it being slow, even though that's clearly because of bad programming skills and out dated techniques.

 Join PUMP PLANET instead. Free your self of all the trouble, and all the borin movies of MSP MovieStarPlanet.

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